Intake and Exhaust
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    Intake and Exhaust

    So guys I bought a used 2015 WRX Premium in CVT (yeah I know, get a lot of crap for it by everyone. Don't need more on here lol) I was looking to do some mods to it. I want to get an intake and an exhaust. Should I go for SPT products or outside? If so, any intakes and exhausts you would recommend? Not only do I want to increase horsepower, but I also want to get that rumble that the older subarus had. Im brand new to the car world and don't know much so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Wow lots of views but no responses. SPT seems to be the official Channel for Subaru but any intakes you get for a WRX would require a tune because you are changing the AFR which these cars do not like at all. A lot of people would say don't get an intake unless you really want the induction noise. You also will NOT get the "Subaru Rumble" as that is caused by the Unequal Length Header in the older EJ engines. the FA20 has an Equal Length Header.

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    Agree with VMPhil. Lots of people like intakes for the induction and blow off noise. On their own, they generally don't give you any real performance gains. FA20 motors with the stock exhaust have a good rumble but not the same as the EJ motor. Some people say the Invidia Q300 which tends to be on the quiet side for after market does a great job of the rumble. If you're trying to get power out of the car; you'll need to flash the motor, add air and all exhaust (especially the J-Pipe) to add anywhere from 20% to 30% to the wheels in bhp and torque.


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