to repair or not to repair?
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    to repair or not to repair?

    I have a 2002 WRX wagon that I bought in August 2001. 270,000 miles. No major out of the ordinary repairs other than when it was run into a telephone pole in 2004 (I was not driving!) and the insurance company refused to total it because the turbo increased the overall value, or some other nonsense. Anyway, it's current status looks like this - From the most recent diagnosis in Dec 2015, there are 3 oil leaks - head gasket, valve cover gasket, and timing belt cover. They quoted me $1500 and told me my car wasn't worth that much and didn't really recommend repairing it. I was also short about $1000 at the time. So I decided to watch it and hope for the best. Since then, I check and add oil when it's low. I would say maybe a quart every couple of months at this point? I'll be honest, the first 10+ years I was religious about regular maintenance; the last few years not so much. I'm not a mechanic, in real life or on tv. And, ok fine, there's really no good excuse. Anyway, my question is this --- Would it be worth it to have the leaks repaired now? I really can't afford to spend $1500 and the turbo go 3 months later. But I also know that without the repairs I could potentially be looking at even worse problems. Is it possible the Subaru gods are watching out for me and I'll get a few more years out of it? Thoughts?

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    If your only having to ad a quart every couple months it would have to get a whole lot worse before i fixed if mine. just keep eye on level..


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