Hi all,

My 2004 WRX probably has an oil leak. I say probably because, so far, I haven't found any leaked oil but there is a strong smell of burned oil after every drive. There is no oil beneath the car, and the oil level in the crankcase never decreases. Oh yes, the Subaru dealer said he saw a leak on both sides of the engine (only 65K miles) and told me it would cost thousands of dollars to find and fix the leaks.

I was wondering if anyone has had this or a similar problem. I have not yet looked at the underside of the engine but I 'll do that tomorrow.

Something, I'm guessing oil, is getting on the hot exhaust and creating that burning smell. But oil ain't showing up anywhere under the car and the car's oil level remains full.

I know the 2.5L engine has a history of oil leaks but I didn't know about the 2.0L

Hopefully I am imagining this.

Thanks for any info.