So I’m new to Subaru and I just got a 2014 wrx hatch today. When the vehicle was delivered to me the check engine light was flashing. I pulled it into my shop and scanned the codes. Found downstream o2 was unresponsive and a code for neutral safety switch. Now when I put the key into the on position the ac clutch, radiator fan, and fuel pump cycle on and off every 4 seconds until I remove the key or start the vehicle. Check engine light flashes slowly at first and then faster if I start driving it. The car drives great. It does have a system to lean and system töö rich code from the unresponsive o2 sensor and I know the fueling will be better once I get a new sensor but it will be arriving in a few days along with the neutral switch. I have tried unplugging the switch and jumping it to see if the cycling will go away but nope. Also tried leaving it unplugged but also does not help. I talked to a subí tech and he said to unplug the ecu and try that way to see if it’s the ecu. I unplugged all four connectors out of the back of the ecu and turned the key on and still concern will not go away. I’m at the point where I need to know if body control module controls these parts or if I’m chasing an ignition switch concern or if it’s just something else. Kinda upset that i paid 23k for a vehicle from Carvana and this is how there 120 point inspection is done. I am a certified tech but just don’t have a lot of resources to go by. If anyone has some insight I would gladly appreciate any info available for me. Thanks in advance.