Honestly it sounds like a lawn mower. Yes I drive the car hard bc it's more fun that way but not full blast ralley and also its relatively young at 2017 4x,xxx. I'm going to get under the car tomorrow and see if I can find a leak in the exhaust system somewhere. Sounds like it could be coming from under the hood area. Also for those concerned I will wash and vacuum it after troubleshooting. As you can hear in the video it's not a problem at all RPMs but definitely noticable. Also I can definitely smell exhaust when I poke my head under the hood. I'll probably take off and reinstall everything from the headers back but I feel like it's a leak closer to the front end. Hopefully it's a bolt or something that fell loose idk. I did take the air box off when I changed the eyebrow light to a brighter led. Other than LEDs the car is completely stock.