I have recently purchased a 2008 Impreza WRX sedan and lately have been having a p0011 code that keeps returning. I have changed the oil prior to this, using the 5w30 required. I have gone through the process of removing the oil filter screens in the banjo bolts. There wasn't too much on the screens but i pulled them anyway. I cleared the code and drove around for a while. The light seems to come on more so after a bit of spirited driving, possibly on decel, dont know the exact time it comes on.
I have pulled the oil control valve out to inspect and it is clean. I checked the timing and it seems ok. The only mod that is done to the vehicle is a Mishimoto intake pipe. The turbo has some side to side play but no play along the shaft. note too sure is how much and if the turbo was damaged by the screens. Also not sure how much play is acceptable.
The only other thing I noticed is that the timing belt seems to have more play/flex than i would have expected to see. measuring between the passenger exhaust cam and the idler (aprox 1/2-3/4 in flex)
Just looking for some advise as to weather the turbo having (possibly) slightly more than normal could cause the light to come on or is it likely the oil control valve?
Thanks in advance for the advise.