My 2016 WRX with 28000 miles threw a rod and the engine was replaced by the local dealer at no charge. Got the car back drove for 3 days engine light came on and they said needed a new CAT that they ordered and replaced at no charge. Check engine light came on again took it back, they replaced the O2 sensors. Got the car back and then EVERY light came on that could come on. They said I needed an oil change. They cleared the code and changed the oil now all the lights came on again. Tried changing the gas cap to no avail. The car sputters when the turbo kicks in and my son says the blow off valve is bad. Now the dealer wants me to bring it back in (another 1 hour drive to get there) Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have lost confidence in this dealer but feel like I have to go back there as they have done all the work to it so far. Current code is P000B camshaft sensor slow response. Same code that was on when I took it in last time when they told me I needed and oil change after 4000 miles. #frustratedowner