Hello, I know it’s a very old post dating back to 2013, but I am planning to do a very similar set up to what you had at the time. I will also be getting an e-Tune from Eric at TP for E85 as well. I had a few questions before I go any further, I was hoping you could answer, I’ve created this account to ask you since I ran across this thread on google. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks

How did your stock transmission handle the TQ increase from E85?

Did you run into any other problems later on?

Is it necessary to upgrade my intercooler from stock?

Will I be okay with my stock clutch and flywheel for the time being if I plan NOT to launch it?

I have a 2012 WRX and will be running the following:

Cobb 1050x Top Feed Injectors
AEM 320iph Fuel Pump
GrimmSpeed EBCS
AEM Uego Wideband AFR sensor
Invidia N1 Dual Turboback
Cobb SF Intake
Everything else is stock.