Sti cluster swap
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    Sti cluster swap

    So I swapped in a 2011 sti cluster in my 09 wrx. Got the keys programmed to new cluster and all is fine. Car starts, and lights and icons work like they should. I blocked out the rear diff light as posted from the better tpms solution. M question is to those who have also done this, to the left of the odometer LCD there is a lock icon with bars next to it. I figure this is obviously the indicator for how much you set the center diff to lock. This icon will blink constantly while the car is running. There have been at least one other person (monki) who has done this and does not have this icon blinking. I've read people with actual sti's have had this because of a misaligned or bad speed sensor behind the steering wheel. Anyone know if we have this on our cars or any idea how to bypass light from blinking? Thanks

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    I was about to say ask Monkiboy haha!
    08WRX, TP Stage2, "Thou shalt not go stage 2 if thou hasn't installedeth a downpipe, unless thy wantest a checketh engine light. Lo, thou who installedeth a downpipe and has not tunedeth to stage 2 shall face thine engine's wrath, for thy dash shall become illuminated and proclaim "Hark, thou hast slain me", so sayeth the ECU."


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