Help with our 2014 WRX.
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    Help with our 2014 WRX.

    In 2014 my wife and I ordered a 2014 WRX sedan in rallye blue my a carbon fiber trim package. I have changed the oil and filter in the every 5000 miles with 5W30 Mobil 1 and Napa Gold oil filters. Air filters have been changed every 10,000 miles until it hit 30,000 miles and I put a K&N filter in the stock air box. I checked the oil at 38,500 miles before a trip and it was full. I went to change oil at 40,200 miles and only got 2.5 quarts out of the engine. I put 5 quarts in the car and had the dealer come and get the car to check it over. When we bought the car we bought an 8 year/80,000 miles and were assured by the dealer any issues besides body panels were covered. They went on and started an oil consumption test and told us to drive 1000 to 1200 miles. We took the car back and after telling my wife a few times the car didn't use any oil they told me on the phone it was over 1/2 quart low and took 19 ounces to bring it back to the full mark. I reminded them I had put 5 quarts in the car to start when they got it so it was already 1/2 quart over full. They kept telling us that it was in Subaru's acceptable oil consumption range.

    Not really satisfied with this answer I called the Subaru Consumer line. After talking with him and him calling the dealership and verifying they had put 19 ounces in it he informed me that this was in Subaru's acceptable limit but they would issue us a 350.00 gift certificate towards another oil consumption test since warranty only covered one if I felt it got any worse. After telling him about the 5 quarts originally put in the car which would actually make it 35 ounces or over a quart he said well the dealer only had 19 ounces noted.

    I asked both the dealer and Subaru if they were buying the car would they have bought it if the sales pitch included that it would start using over a 1/2 a quart an oil per 1000 miles would they have bought it? The guy at the dealer said he wouldn't be happy and the guy from Subaru just kept telling me it was in Subaru's accpetable limited even though he wouldn't tell me what that was. I found something online about that limit being a quart per 1000 miles. I have been a professional diesel mechanic for 32 years and have a 750 plus whp 7mgte in my 88 Supra so I am not new to turbo vehicles. We bought the extra warranty because we wanted to keep this car. I have been looking at buying a Cobb Accessport and removing the cat to see if maybe the turbo is losing oil and pulling plugs and running a leak down test but what good will it do? They have made it apparent they are not really looking to help even pointing out to my wife that they have alot of people purposely drain oil out to get out of paying for cars. We never even got a low oil light. This car is my wifes daily driver which is why we went with the WRX instead of the STI since the WRX was supposed to be alittle more friendly in traffic.

    We were hoping to be done with the car payment deal in less than 2 years but not really trilled about keeping a car under warranty that uses more oil than my Supra, 120,000 mile 454 Dually, and 187,000 mile S10 combined. Thanks for reading and any suggestions.

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    I noticed both of my Subie's (WRX and Legacy) use oil. It's not leaking, not in the coolant, and there is no smoke from the tailpipe... but the oil disappears just the same! The Legacy does not have a turbo...

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    A/C blows cold on right side and warm out the left. Any suggestions?

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    I have a 2015 and it uses about the same amount of oil. The Direct injected vehicles seem to use a fair amount of oil as the synthetic oil seems to burn off.

    While I was working as a Tech at Lexus the IS250/IS350 both used about a quart every 600 miles. This was written as except able in the owners manual. A oil separator(Catch Can) for the PVC system would cut the oil consumption down.


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