Opinions on situation
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    Opinions on situation

    Hey community

    First post, praying it's in the right section, got confused

    Now, I am completely clueless when it comes to cars, defiantly out of my comfit zone when it comes to problems.. ( I only figured out what a turbo ACTUALLY does yesterday )
    I picked up a 96 WRX GC8 sedan for around 3k, it has it's fair share of problems, but that's why i got it.. a learning experience!

    her heart isn't to healthy and is in need of a rebuild (It's a EJ20 that's all i know) It has been completely thrashed with 240,xxx on the clock (found a video AFTER i bought it of it being limited bashed all the way down a street ) got quoted 3k minimum for a rebuild at a local place
    NOW here's the question, he mentioned it could be a good idea to pick up another engine and get that rebuilt and put in, If i was up to it

    Would it be worth it? should i stop at getting the same engine with less Kms and just add bolt ons or go for some sort of conversion?
    I have around 6 months at a minimum to get the car running and back on the road as a daily ( depends how lazy i am and or income is nice to me )

    So yeah If someone could help me out a little that would be amazing

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    I hate to say it but this board is basically specific to the 08+ Subaru's. Not alot here for the older gens. I would try over on Nasioc as they have ALOT more info about the older gens. Be warned through you need to wear a flame suit, carry a fire extinguisher, and a bring a thick skin if your gonna post over there(can of Vaseline wouldnt hurt either). Alot of jerks and wanna-be guru's on that site but also some really cool folks who know a ton about your gen car. Good Luck

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    Opinions on situation

    True^^but a lot carries over from the previous gen's. one thing that has remained a constant, find someone who specializes in subies. Check with your local clubs and get a reputable builder. Then... Do what they say.


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