Hi I've got an 06 Subaru WRX with tons of mods... puts out about 375hp. Car was running really good till about the last few weeks hand has gotten progressively worse. The other night I was accelerating and after hitting 5500rpm the car didn't really accelerate in 5th gear and smelt a horrible clutch smell. this morning when I went to drive it the cruise control light was blinking and the check engine light was on. I reset the computer and everything went away. Now car accelerates normal until you hit about 3000rpms. if you even try to gas it the rpms will still go up as they should (normal) but theres a huge lack of power and is almost like Im just driving a slow as shit Honda with a big fart can. could this be the clutch, Diff, ECU? There isn't any jolt when the clutch is engaging its just slow as shit... its got a stage 2 clutch. and engine has been performing normally which makes me thing its the clutch or something in the drive train.