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If you live in Canada, you can get $10,000 off the purchase price of a new 2020 Subaru WRX STI. See what it takes to get it.

Canadians can get a great deal on a new 2020 Subaru WRX STI, or any Subaru model purchased thanks to their rally partner. You can immediately get $10,000 off the price of a new Subaru, and all you need to do is get it ready to rally race in the dirt. Subaru Canada announced the renewal of its presenting sponsorship of the Canadian Rally Championship (CRC). It’s a great deal for rally enthusiasts!

Rally Purchase Program

To be eligible to get your $10K off when you buy a new Subaru, it’s open to any Canadian resident who currently holds a valid CRC license. The program is intended to provide current and aspiring participants with a rebate on any new Subaru using it for rally. So you have to take the new 2020 STI and get it prepped and ready to go play in the dirt, snow, and ice at CRC sanctioned events.

Subaru says approved applicants to the program will be provided with a one-time rebate of up to $10,000 off the purchase price of any new Subaru vehicle including a 2020 WRX STI. The vehicle must be purchased through an authorized Canadian Subaru dealer, and it must be converted to rally specifications as per the CRC guidelines.