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The number of Subaru WRX and BRZ sells with manual gearboxes is too high for them to drop it now, reports Torque News.

The Subaru WRX sports sedan and BRZ/Toyota 86 coupes, are one of the last vehicles in the stable to offer both a manual gearbox and an automatic transmission. The Subaru WRX STI is the only Subaru model to only offer a manual rower. How many buyers are opting for the stick shift in the WRX, and BRZ/Toyota 86? We were surprised by the answer.

According to a report from CarBuzz, Toyota spokesperson Nancy Hubbell told them at the Supra launch that Toyota only sells about 33 percent of the GT 86 sports coupe with a 6-speed manual gearbox. A full two-thirds of 86 buyers are opting for the automatic transmission with manual mode and paddle shifters. The BRZ/86 is a car for driving enthusiasts that begs for a manual gearbox but not many Toyota buyers want a clutch pedal.

Subaru buyers

Itís a different story at Subaru. We reached out to Subaru of America and they told Torque News that for the last full year (18MY), the Camden, N.J. automaker sold about 78 percent of the BRZ sports coupe with manual rowers leaving only 22 percent of buyers opting for the 6-speed automatic.


The Subaru WRX is purchased by even more buyers opting for a 6-speed manual gearbox. A full 90 percent are opting for the standard 6-speed manual transmission over the automatic. Itís no surprise because Subaru uses a Continuously Variable automatic transmission (CVT) which is not a popular choice with performance enthusiasts. While itís better than previous generation CVTs itís still not up to speed with a 6-speed automatic.