2013 WRX hatch Stage 1: Another Torqued Performance review
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    2013 WRX hatch Stage 1: Another Torqued Performance review

    Before I start yammering, I'll short-circuit the "what were the gainz?" question right here; I couldn't get the Dyno function in RomRaider to work, so I don't have numbers for you. This is a purely anecdotal, 'butt dyno' based review. Sorry. :sadwave:

    2 days ago I flashed the 2013 WRX Torqued Performance Stage 1 map to my car using ECUFlash. I Used RomRaider for logging.

    TorquedPerformance: the product
    After you purchase the map from their website, you're sent an email with a link to download a zip file that contains the Stage 1 maps for your car (including several variations for multiple intakes), an instructions file in .RTF format, ecu and logger xml definitions for RomRaider, as well as a folder containing Rom definitions for a ton of Subaru models used in ECUFlash.

    The file containing the instructions was adequate. I'm a software Engineer and write tons of usage and API documentation for a living so my opinion on the instruction manual is a bit biased. I would have liked to have seen a clearer, step by step (numbered list format), but again, this is just me picking nits. To be fair, if you're going to open source route like I did, you should have read over the software documentation and the instructions for that software beforehand. It's probably not TP's responsibility to explain how to use their product, which is really just the maps themselves and for $85 who can complain? That being said, if you're gonna write documentation, I'll be the guy to bitch about it.

    TLDR; The instructions are fine, but you should still familiarize yourself with the software before jumping in to flashing and logging.

    TorquedPerformance: The Service
    There are a ton of glowing reviews about Eric at Torqued Performance and his responsiveness via email. My average response time was 5.3 hours over the course of 3 emails. In my opinion, that's completely acceptable especially given that I was asking questions the day after New Years. Eric answered all of my questions and looked over my logs to make sure the car was operating properly after the flash. For what it's worth, my car did not seem to require any adjustments over the stock map.

    TorquedPerformance: Stage 1 Performance
    This is all just my opinion and I don't have any numbers to compare. *see disclaimer above*. In the past, I drove a Stage 3+ 2007 Forester XT @ ~320 whp so that is my basis for comparison.

    My opinion after the flash is quite simply; wow. I did not at all expect this kind of performance bump with simple a flash and no additional hardware. The car pulls much harder in all gears, so much so, that I actually thought there might be something wrong. When I flashed my 07 FXT with a Stage 1 from Cobb I noticed no such additional pull so I was very surprised at the perceived HP/TQ increase this map was putting out. WOT in 2nd and 3rd yielded some strange 'squeaking'/'chirping' sounds from the turbo, which initially scared the sh*t out of me. Eric confirmed that such a sound was common for turbos on these cars. (if anyone else has experience with that, I'd love to hear it.) Manifold Relative Pressure (Corrected) (psi) peaked at 19.15 in some very rare instances and more commonly was around 17.8 - 18.7 during hard driving; I think the ECU is probably still learning as I'm still under 100 miles after the flash.

    All in all, my opinion on TP and their Stage 1 map is very, very positive. :thumbup: I'm still apprehensive about the additional power the map puts out and it's potential effect on the longevity of the engine components but ... gotta pay to play as they say. I'll report back after a few more hundred miles as I don't really see the need for Stage 2 anytime soon (within the year) after going Stage 1.

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    I have a customized TP stg 2 map for a 3port from them and it is awesome. I bought the car with an OTS stg 2 map and it really was night and day.

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    Im on Stage 2 with TP as well, excited to see my before and after results as well. Congrats!
    08WRX, TP Stage2, "Thou shalt not go stage 2 if thou hasn't installedeth a downpipe, unless thy wantest a checketh engine light. Lo, thou who installedeth a downpipe and has not tunedeth to stage 2 shall face thine engine's wrath, for thy dash shall become illuminated and proclaim "Hark, thou hast slain me", so sayeth the ECU."


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