Hello Everyone While I may not be a owner of a WRX yet (plan to trade my car in sometime in sept or lil after) so i would consider myself a newb to the aftermarket world of cars pretty much and will be trading in a 2017 V6 mustang for the limited edition 2018-2019 WRX. my biggest reason for WRX is the performance and AWD system and of course all the other little goodies too like better mpg ect. now i plan on either getting a CVT model or manual i still haven't decided yet. not really sure what else to talk about since i currently do not own a WRX at the moment.

Alright before we go into talking about the things i wanna do the car and why im debating on auto vs manual. When I get ready to trade in my mustang for the WRX i am going new over used(bad first car experience made me never choose to get a used car ever again for) so i do plan to financing with my gf just like we did with the mustang but here the problem i have a year ago i didn't have to really worry about my girl driving because at that time she was not legally allowed to due to her medical condition(she has epilepsy and had seizures in the past because of it) but now a year have past and she been seizure free for a little more then year which is long enough for the state of california to allow her to apply for driving permit and stuff and i know she will want to start driving and yea the automatic will be easy for her and everything.

Question about the CVT I have heard the CVT can handle Stage 1 with no problem but stage 2 is when your risking it and anything past stage two i been told the cvt wont last long ect. is that really true that CVT trans can only handle stage 1/2 performance or could it handle more with the right parts for the trans aka things like cvt cooler.

Question about the manual now I do know the manual can pretty much handle anything you throw at it compared to the CVT. now here a smaller question about the manual is it possible to throw in a gated shifter with or without a short throw shifter on it.(in my mindset it being gated mean less change to moneyshift or something)

now my last question will sound stupid as hell but here goes. How expensive would it be to swap from CVT to manual? reason why i ask this because my gf told me she would have no problem learning to drive manual as long as it a gated shifter type and already comfy with driving a car. so my two idea was either just go stage 1 till she ready to learn manual then make the big swap. the second idea is more about maybe sticking with the CVT and see how far i can push it safely overtime and when it gives out then make the transmission swap.

what do you guys think. am i just talking out of my ass or is the stuff im talking about is do-able?