Hey guys & gals, I joined a month or so ago and haven't posted my introduction yet. First time Subaru owner and last December I bought a 2018 WRX Premium with the Performance package. My wife and I just love the car. Prior to buying the WRX I was on a BMW motorcyle for 10 years as my only source of transportation. I rode in temps from -8 to 117 and LOVED riding in the rain. The only time I didn't ride was when the roads were snow or ice covered. The BMW was 640lbs and 154hp stone stock, so....the WRX was the only thing in my price range that could deliver that kind of fun. a year ago, myself and anyone that knew me would not believe that I would ever say the following. Since buying the WRX in december I have not missed the bike, not even once. So, that's my story. Now, I had a reoccurring issue with the WRX that I did post in 2 of the forums last friday and haven't gotten a single cmment on them yet. Whachu guys doing out there?