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  1. Newbie mod questions

    Subaru WRX Newbie Support
    So, when I bought my 2012 WRX I had to have it retuned back to stock. That being said, now I want to make some changes to my Subie, but I'm unsure as to what would require a retune. I'm changing up my exhaust, and I know that wouldn't require one. But, if I wanted to change my air intake, that...
  2. FS:NJ: Stock 2012 WRX Sedan Parts

    Want to Sell
    Hello All! I decided that I needed to sell off the stock parts I have from my wrx and I want to clear some space. All items are for either pick up or we could meet somewhere around north NJ. Also, everything has around 1,500-2,500 miles on them except for the springs/struts which have around...
  3. 2012 SWP WRX Sedan - Codename White Knight - Journal

    3G WRX Builds
    I've added as many link as I could so if you want to see the part I'm talking about just click the name. I want to throw out a thanks to my buddy Frankie (05 STI) who runs Faction Motorsports and was able to get me the major parts in my car (hit him up for some prices on parts) and to Eric at...
  4. 2012 SWP WRX Sedan - Intro

    Link to journal here --> Codename White Knight Hello all! So I wanted to write this up as a history of how I got the car and a little review since I've had the car for a little while now. So the basic info on the car is as follows: 2012 WRX sedan - Satin White Pearl - Base model - Purchased at...