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  1. Speakers for 2015 WRX

    Subaru WRX General Aftermarket Talk
    Hello, I have the new 2015 WRX and I am looking to deck out the speaker system first. I am basically looking for advice and options anything really! Thanks, Matt
  2. Navigation and Keyless: Worth the money? Also: Wheel offset and spacing data?

    4G WRX Chat
    Hello everyone, First-time poster here. I currently drive a 2005 BMW 330ci ZHP (performance package), which I absolutely love. However, my wife and I are expecting our first child in October so I am on the hunt for something more family-friendly (4-doors, more comfortable ride, better...
  3. Retrofitting a 2011 WRX Steering Wheel on a 2008 WRX

    3G WRX Electronics
    I decided to make this thread to document my project, and hopefully get some input, of swapping a 2011 OEM WRX wheel into my 2008 WRX. My reason for doing so is: -Aesthetics: black leather with red stitching vs grey leather with grey stitching -Function: addition of audio controls as well as...