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  1. Want to Sell
    Selling my WRX!!.....The stuff the bank cares about:....2020 Subaru WRX Limited. Blacked out. Black leather interior. 34,xxx miles. Priced at $32,500 as I am just trying to pay off the loan on this. NOW FOR THE STUFF "YOU" CARE ABOUT!!.... Aftermarket 18" Rotiform Black wheels, tinted windows...
  2. 3G WRX Appearance
    Hey folks if any of you like the all black WRX fender badges and would like to order them let me know. These are the ones that came stock on the orange limited. We have a bunch of them in stock here and we are available on Ebay. Look for the seller named, Subaru_parts_hq... Thanks Ben
  3. Introductions
    whats goin on yall just got me a wrx with about 120,xxx miles on it, runs great, looks nice. just has to be detailed and such since it's a 2002 model. hopefully you guys can be of help, it's a nice, smooth running car, only thing is there are some things that are not stock on the car as far as...
1-3 of 3 Results