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  1. Subaru WRX Newbie Support
    Hi All, First time member, long time lover of WRXs. Purchased a used 09 WRX 2.5ltr. Had her for a week now and so far, really good... I have a couple of questions that I just can't find a straight answer for. Is my car missing some sort of OEM front bumper lip? The car has side skirts, matching...
  2. 3G WRX Appearance
    Hi Everyone, This is my car featuring a cyber kit. I didn't want a kit too over the top, just in betwee little and alot. I thought I'd share it for anyone interested. Parts include: Front lip Side skirts Fender flares Gurney flap for STI wing If anyone is interested in purchase or pricing...
  3. Want to Sell
    What is your name(first)? : Shaun What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? : [email protected] What is your State? : Princeton, NJ This lip is a direct bolt on for the 08-10 WRX premium bumper. Asking $100 + shipping. OBO CS Style Polyurethane Front Lip for 08-10 WRX Had this on my car...
1-3 of 4 Results