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fuel pump

  1. 2011 WRX (stage whatever) E85 tuned, rough idle on hot start up. HELP! :(

    Subaru WRX Technical Support
    Hey guys, So as some of you will see, this is my first post. So sorry about the cry for help on my very first post, but I am at a loss here and have no clue what to do. Here's a little background. I currently converted to E85. First I did the injectors (ID1000's), and then waited a few weeks...
  2. aftermarket and stock parts for sale

    Want to Sell
    perrin 3inch sedan catback and stock parts I have a bunch of parts to sell. Price includes shipping unless otherwise noted. I only accept paypal.. I will entertain offers. Some Items I would prefer pickup due to weight. I am located south of Chicago. Perrin 3” catted downpipe – Wrapped...
  3. Wrapped up my 60k Service... 5 weeks later

    Subaru WRX General Maintenance
    So I finally got around to the fuel filter, and like a lot of the Subaru maintenance, was a huge PITA. First, no one had or could sell me a filter. I kept being told it was 'unserviceable'. So I bought the Walbro 255 like many do and let it sit for several weeks as I looked at it when I got home...