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  1. Want to Sell
    Hey guys, I'm selling all my parts that I had installed on my 2009 Forester XT. I posted the parts on Craigslist. Subaru stage 2, 08-10 WRX, 09-12 Forester XT If you have any questions just shoot me a text, I dont check the forums as often as I should. All prices include shipping except for...
  2. Want to Sell
    This exhaust was professionally installed on my 2012 WRX hatch Just a couple weeks ago. It literally has under 200 miles on it. Latest version. MINT condition. As close as you can get to NEW! Gorgeous exhaust with a very deep / throaty sound that ended up being more rumble than I was looking...
  3. Subaru WRX Newbie Support
    How many of you have experienced this with the Invidia divorced catless? How did you fix the issue if there was one? Reason for asking is I don't want to run catless if this is an ongoing problem. Thanks!
  4. Subaru WRX Newbie Support
    Looking for suggestions on what looks and sounds good as far as catbacks on a 08 WRX sedan: Do I go SPT and retain the dual outlets or go single w something like Invidia? Does one have more function then the other?
  5. Subaru WRX Newbie Support
    Can anyone tell me the difference between these two? Product ID: HS08SW1DPC Invidia Divorced & Catted Polished Stainless Steel Downpipe For 2008-10 Subaru WRX & STi Details Product ID: HS08SW1DPN Invidia Divorced Polished Stainless Steel Downpipe For 2008-10 Subaru WRX & STi Details...
1-5 of 5 Results