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  1. Hi my name is Lily and I need some help :)

    First time owner of a WRX of any kind and I jumped in head first and got a 02 WRX Impreza. I knew she would need some work but she is breaking down all over on me. Started with Blowing the SBF#5 fuse got the MAF wires fixed twice! also had the battery terminals replaced because it was having...
  2. 3 mechanics later, wondering if my car is possessed

    Subaru WRX Technical Support
    I thought I'd share my recent (joyous) experiences with my 2008 WRX, see if anyone has any ideas. Mods: TMIC, CAI, Perrin TBE, Up pipe, Walboro fuel pump, 3 stage ebcs, VF52 swap, Stock injectors. Running TP 3.52 map. I have been running this setup for nearly 2 years with no issues. Have...