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  1. Australia Subaru WRX Forum
    All good it's sold.
  2. 4G WRX Chat
    Hey guys I just bought a base 2018 WRX. I am looking at changing out the interior lights to LED's obviously no one is carrying "2018 pieces" yet. Does anyone know if these connections are the same as all 4G's? Either way does anyone know where to get good quality LED's? Thanks
  3. West / West Coast Owners
    Anyone from Oahu that owns a modified scooby besides myself that has got a safety inspection on military bases without getting a recon sticker? I DO NOT have the ability or parts to turn my Coilovers back to factory specs with the current size tires and rims on them. It would make the car...
  4. 3G WRX Appearance
    So after changing out the OEM grill for the 08 wrx for a 09 STI carbon fiber grill, the lower half where the front mount intercooler would be is still the oem chunky plastic. Should I just remove those or put the same kind of mesh on the lower half? What solutions have any of you used for this?
1-4 of 4 Results