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  1. Subaru WRX General Aftermarket Talk
    Quick question from a newbie. I noticed when I look for a nice metal reverse lock out for my 2016 WRX (non STI) all I can find are reverse lock outs for the STI. Are they interchangeable? I've been wanting to get a short throw shifter as well, probably just the Boomba. So full question is with...
  2. Want to Sell
    What is your name: John Neff What is your Email Address: Paypal is [email protected] What is your Phone number: (303)-229-8909 What is your State: Colorado Up for sale is a grey Perrin 5spd shift knob. It was on my 2010 but I believe it fits 02+..please chime in if not and I'll...
1-2 of 2 Results