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  1. 4G WRX Chat
    (I have sold this set of tires, they are no longer available) These tires have 25 miles on them. Just bought a 22 WRX premium with 18” wheels and I swapped out the OEM summer tires for all seasons. Dunlop Sport Maxx 245/40R18 97Y $1200 for the set, no partial sales. Available for pickup in...
  2. 3G WRX Wheels and Tires
    I wanna grab a set of 18" wheels and was wondering how wide I can go before I start rubbing/hitting anything.
  3. Want to Buy
    Hello, I am looking for an extra set of wheels and winter tires for my 2016 WRX. I am in the SoCal region. Thanks, WRX FUN
  4. Want to Buy
    Hi, I am looking to buy tires that fit the stock OEM base WRX wheels. I believe the size is 235/45R17. I am looking for a set of 4 tires with even wear or two of the stock tires that have around 50% tread left. Also, if anyone is selling tires on larger / wider wheels I may be interested as...
  5. Want to Sell
    Hello everyone, I'm selling a set of 4 Dunlop SP Sport 01 235/45/R17 summer tires taken off from my new 2013 Subaru WRX. They are like new and only have about 400 miles on it with document to prove. I'm selling it because I decided to go with all season instead of having another set of tires for...
  6. Subaru WRX Newbie Support
    So now that I have aftermarket rims&tires do we really need these? Also can't that warning light be turned off in the accessport?
  7. 3G WRX Wheels and Tires
    Hello guys and gals. I need help. I am about to get rid of my stock bridgestone tires and I need a new set of something all season that grips, has a great speed rating (140+), and last a while. I plan on autocrossing on these new tires all for right around $500. I was just wondering what my...
  8. Subaru WRX Newbie Support
    Rims&Tyre Packages Anyone recommend a decent/reliable site that sells Rotas and tires together besides wheeldude?
1-8 of 8 Results