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  1. 4G WRX Chat
    So I live in Texas and was looking into the difference between FMIC's and TMIC's. If I'm trying to make my car last, would it be smarter to get an FMIC since the temperatures here in Texas are ridiculous? Even if I'm running a stock turbo? Also, what are other things I could do to ensure low...
  2. Want to Sell
    Name - Dave Verrecchia Location - NorCal Contact - [email protected] or PM I am upgrading my motor, and changing to a traditional style Turbo (VF48 style/non-flanged) and FMIC. 57k on Turbo, 40k on TMIC. Came off the car today, I will post up pics and vid of each. Vid of turbo- no shaft...
  3. Want to Sell
    no longer for sale
1-3 of 3 Results