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  1. Want to Sell
    Selling my WRX!!.....The stuff the bank cares about:....2020 Subaru WRX Limited. Blacked out. Black leather interior. 34,xxx miles. Priced at $32,500 as I am just trying to pay off the loan on this. NOW FOR THE STUFF "YOU" CARE ABOUT!!.... Aftermarket 18" Rotiform Black wheels, tinted windows...
  2. Subaru WRX Technical Support
    Hey guys so I’m just wondering if anyone else out there is running 272 kelford cams in there ej25 and how loud yours are. Not exhaust wise either I mean mechanically. Mine kinda sounds like excessive lash or bad lifter tick. Maybe almost like dieseling you can say. They’ve always been that way...
  3. Subaru WRX Technical Support
    Hoping someone out there can help me understand how the ignition timing on the wrx works I guess. I was just going through my accessport and noticed that it was running at 20-40 degrees ignition timing at idle, kept bouncing around like crazy in lower rpms like less than 2k. Is that normal? just...
  4. Australia Subaru WRX Forum
    All good it's sold.
  5. Australia Subaru WRX Forum
    Hi there all Subaru Australia Owners Please join my Facebook page and help me build a strong community for everyone..
  6. 2G WRX Chat
    anyone have experience with power steering problems on their 2000-2007 subaru? need some help lmao
  7. Australia Subaru WRX Forum
    Hi all, I have a 2009 wrx purchased recently. I was driving the other day hit a bit of a bump and hear a loud whistle. had a look, the intercooler hot side has moved out of alignment with the turbo. Took it off to have a look, it looks like the previous owner has drilled a hole next to where...
  8. Introductions
    Hey all! Just bought a 2017 WRX with the CVT transmission. I've done a lot of research over the years (love these cars), so I have pretty good understanding, but wanted to hear thoughts on any positive, fun, necessary, etc. mods that can be made. I'm not looking to turn in this into a full on...
  9. Want to Sell
    2003 Silver WRX Wagon - Automatic - $3995 - South Carolina 180,254 Miles / 831.6 On Current Oil Change All Stock Except Tein Flex Z Coilovers Installed April 2018 6 Disc CD Changer Cassette Tape Player AM/FM Radio 1 Additional Full Size Wheel/Tire All 4 Stock Coilovers Included New Tires...
  10. Introductions
    Looking forward to sharing my WRX experience!
  11. Want to Sell
    $8,000 OBO Serious Inquires Only - LOCATION IN MARYLAND 165k MILES Letting go my precious Subie to someone that has more time to give it a little more TLC because I no longer have the time for it. It has not been my daily driver for years now and I am looking to buy my first home. This car...
  12. Subaru WRX General Aftermarket Talk
    Hey all, A while back I bought an old school GReddy Type S blow off valve for my 2015 WRX, not doing much research on whether it would be a simple install or not. It came with a flange that was supposed to be used for welding onto an aluminum pipe so I spoke with one of the guys from ETS asking...
  13. 4G WRX Chat
    I have recently acquired a red WRX STI. I love the car, coming from a Toyota 86, the power is definitely an upgrade. One thing that bothered me though was the interior of the car. The shift knob is loose from factory and I have to tighten it one full turn so it wouldn't unscrew when I'm...
  14. Want to Sell
    Original owner selling 2005 WRX Wagon in CA Bay Area Obsidian black pearl/black cloth interior 5-speed 110k miles Minor paint wear, otherwise in excellent condition All stock (other than stereo), never raced, non-smoking, no dogs Have all service records since 2013 (that's about when most...
  15. 4G WRX Chat
    Hey guys I just bought a base 2018 WRX. I am looking at changing out the interior lights to LED's obviously no one is carrying "2018 pieces" yet. Does anyone know if these connections are the same as all 4G's? Either way does anyone know where to get good quality LED's? Thanks
  16. Subaru WRX News
    The 2017 Subaru WRX STI is getting ready for the legendary Nurburgring 24-hour race coming up this weekend. It’s starting where it left off last year. Subaru will be running the WRX STI in the Nurburgring 24-hour race this weekend and they will be defending their title again. Subaru and Subaru...
  17. Subaru WRX News
    David Higgins gets revenge against Pastrana’s Subaru WRX STI at Olympus Rally. No way he loses again. David Higgins wasn’t about to let Travis Pastrana beat his Subaru WRX STI Rally machine two times in-a-row. The victory at Olympus Rally for Higgins and Drew this weekend was only just over two...
  18. 4G WRX Chat
    So guys I bought a used 2015 WRX Premium in CVT (yeah I know, get a lot of crap for it by everyone. Don't need more on here lol) I was looking to do some mods to it. I want to get an intake and an exhaust. Should I go for SPT products or outside? If so, any intakes and exhausts you would...
  19. 3G WRX Chat
    I have a 2013 wrx limited and when i started in this morning the check engine light was on along with the traction control light and the cruise light was flashing. It is running fine but wont let me set the cruise any ideas what might be causing this thanks in advance for any help !!!
  20. Want to Sell
    I am selling a 13" impreza WRX. It has 13k miles on it. The car does not need any mechanical work or electrical. The Impreza is still under warranty. Cloth bucket seats. Super clean inside and out. Car is originally from Texas but i have it here in New York. It has a 2.5L DOHC 16-valve 4-cyl...
1-20 of 94 Results