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02 wrx idling issues. running terrible

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I have a 02 wrx jdm ej20 with avcs ( I believe) running fine before installing tgv deletes 1300cc id injectors and a Haltech platinum pro. The car ran fine before going down this route wanted to go e85 and get a better tune on it with an actual dyno. I also did fuel rails before anything else and the fuel rails and FPR prior to these issues and it was running fine was driving for 2 weeks then went into the garage to do these mods.
The car has a very rough idle and when giving it any gas at all it bogs out. some times after running it it will backfire pretty loud upon starting. went over most of my connectors all seem to be getting good power and so on. replaces coil packs on the side that seems to be running rough but now thinking the entire engine is running rough. spark plus where done not too long prior to these mods. mind you the car was running when parted and before these mods. i also did a smoke test and nothing crazy was fixed and still giving issues.
any help would be greatly appreciated. i have data logs and videos on how it is running
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also my tuner put a base map on the haltech but was having issues so we were unable to move on with the dyno. He said it should run and be drivable with the set up he put on it
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