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Hey guys... New to the Forums, Searched alot but never posted until now..

I have a problem at the moment with my 03 wrx..
The back story
A few months ago car started to smoke quite badly....took it to my trusted Subaru mechanic and was advised that it was the turbo seal....replaced kinaguwa turbo with a brand new dom 1.5xtr with 8cm housing.

Drove it around but was still smoking, thought it may have been from all the oil build up but after a while realized it was still using too much oil....back to the mech and found valve stem seals were leaking. Now he did this job for free seeing as I had him build the motor 20k ago and he sent the heads to who ever it is that does them and they done a shit to save himself some hassle I guess he replaced valve stems seals without removing the heads.

Car is still smoking....

Went back got a comp test and replaced the pcv valve.....comp test was all good but he was a bit concerned about some shiny spots on the cylinder wall and some alloy splatter... it has been detonating I guess due to the burning oil lowering octane of the fuel, I'm not sure.....

So when idling it idles perfect and does not smoke at all.

Coasting or slow traffic smokes alot but once come to stop smoke clears unti I move again...

Boosting only if I have been stuck in slow moving traffic and then boost but a couple boosts in and smoking is almost all gone...

Other than the above mentioned it drives and runs perfectly, plenty of power nice consistent pull no hesitating or spluttering.


car made 205kw at the wheels with the kinugawa td05 sts 16kx, need the smoking sorted before tuning for the new turbo can be done.

  • 03 wrx with brand new ej207 brand new timing belt kit, oil pump, water pump, gaskets, and arp head bolts swapped 26k ago with factory ej205 heads.

  • Bosh 255lph fuel pump, 1200cc raceworks injectors, turbo smart high pressure fuel reg.

  • Hyperflow front mount, Cobb sf intake, Cobb 3 port boost, Gfb blow off.

  • Turbo back 3inch catless exhaust, catless grimspeed uppipe..

  • Prpocess West TGV deletes with spacers.

  • Blouch dom 1.5 xtr 8cm housing

  • Probably a few things I've forgotten...

Any help or ideas would be hugely appreciated.

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