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Hello everyone!
I have a very strange problem with an 04 (blob eye) Wrx
It has a rapidly flashing check engine light when the key is on and when running

there are no trouble codes in the computer, the car is not in test mode.
Also it does not have any misfiring.
it drives perfectly.
I’m at a loss with what to look for.
I have dived in as far as I can. Front o2 is replaced and work, rear o2 might be a problem as there is no cat.
I just added an extender to pull it out of the exhaust and a miniature cat inside that extender.
It’s still flashing.
When I dive into all of the settings I can read from my OBD I found one failed thing in Non-Continuous checked (mode 6)

Manufacturer Defined - Monitor ID (MID) $06
Component ID $46

value - 1665
Minimum 0
Maximum 41 (this was 255 at one stage)

I assume this is what is causing the CEL but I can’t find what this is.
what I could find showed this could be the post CAT O2 which is why I did the mechanic fix to pull it out of the exhaust but it has not gone away.
At a complete loss

any ideas? Thanks everyone !
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