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Hey guys, I have a 06 Wrx that I bought not too long ago with almost 200k on the clock, I noticed a few weeks ago when I was driving the car hard after coming to a stop the front right of the engine bay, below the air intake white smoke was coming out of somewhere. I continued to drive the car and the problem essentially disappears when driving normally, I assume its a coolant leak because of the sweet smell but I have no idea where to check. This morning when getting off of work I was stoked too start my long weekend so I gave it the beans on the way home and well the problem returned except this time arguably worse (though it's possible that it was the same since its colder now which equals more smoke). Was wondering if any of you guys had an idea if this was a common problem? When I pulled over to check it out a guy in an impreza outback pulled up and told me how he had a similar issue after he replaced his radiator and he said it just went away after a time. I don't think its a head gasket since the exhaust isn't blowing that much smoke but I'm not sure, any help would be appreciated.
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