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Well it's been a while and its soon time to get started on the toy again .

If you have been out of the loop I cracked the block .

Parted out the motor and got 1/3 of my new short block money out of it .

Picked up cosworth heads and s2 cams.

There will be a closed deck block with full manley setup and billet crank going in.

Air suspension will be starting to get installed in the next few weeks and get some flares lined up and tires and we can see this baby alive again soon .

Anyway I will update soon .

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Well it's been a long time.

finally started gathering parts again.

stereo gear and my body kit so I can run 295+ tires.

started lining up for my motor build .

i been on the sidelines, with work and started a shop I have been flat out .

i am aiming to have the car running again for end of may if all goes well.

closed deck outfront Motorsport v4 block pinned mains
full manley assembly with billet crank
killer bee trio
all new pumps
cosworth heads with s2 cams
cosworth intake

bunch of powder coated parts .

bringing sexy back.

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didn't know if you're still working on this but I really hope you don't change to those horrible looking flares that all these kids are putting on. Anyway good luck with that motor build.

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I will update my thread soon

starrikg to gather up a few more parts to get it running again been sitting in my garage needing a motor and parts all over the place

picked up a used closed decked block 2.34lr setup .
sending to get rebuilt

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Well update .

series of events have unfolded and motor is going to get started shortly.

na manifold is the first part to arrive.
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The 2.34 Lr will have
manley I beam turbo tuff +2mm rods
manley turbo tuff pistons 9.1 area compression
ej207 v9 cross drilled crank
1/2 head studs
cosworth heads and s2 cams fully cleaned and messaged

will be running on meth and 94oct

getting ready to do a fitment of my VD wide body so it can go out for paint also .

hooe to have it together running for the end of June but there is always something left to
do .

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Outfront V3 case
Cosworth CNC heads with 278/274 cams and complete cosworth valve train 10000rpm heads
Bore/Power Hone W/ Torque Plates
Outfront Motorsports 1/2" Head Stud Kit
Labor To Machine Block For 1/2" Head Studs
Manley 04+ Subaru WRX/STI EH257 100.0mm Bore +.50mm Size 9.8:1 Extreme Duty Piston Set
Manley Subaru EJ205/EJ257 5.216in L Turbo Tuff Pro Series I Beam Connecting Rod Set
Labor to Assemble short block
Rotating Assembly Balancing 9000rpm
King Performance Rod Bearings 52mm STDX (Extra Clearance)
King Performance Main Bearings Thrust Position 5 STD
Labor To Machine Heads For 1/2" Head studs Valve Job, Adjustment, Cleaning and Resurface of Heads (Pair)
Killer B Motorsport Ultimate Oil Pan, Pickup, and Baffle Combo
Outfront Motorsports Billet Fuel Rail Kit For 2.5i Intake Manifold
Subaru New Cross Drilled EJ207 V9 Crankshaft
Fluidampr Subaru EJ Series Steel Internally Balanced Damper
Gates 04-08 Subaru 2.0L & 2.5L Racing Performance Timing Belt Component Kit (Belt Tensioner 4 Idlers)
Subaru JDM 12mm Oil Pump
Labor to Shim and Port Oil Pump
Gates Water Pump 42030
Timesert on Heads
Timesert Oil Pan Bolt
Timesert Bell Housing Bolt
Intake AVCS Gear Service
Assemble Longblock (Heads, Timing, Oil Pan, Oil Pump)
Tomei Head Gasket 1mm Subaru 2.5L Turbo Models (Pair)
OEM Gasket Set

Also picked up
1300 ID injectors
Radium surge tank with 450 pump
Dccd pro controller
NA 2.5 intake
XS 4" intercooler core and rotated piping for 2.5 intake .

Need to get
Fuel line 8an feed
Return 6an
P&L under hood fuel lines
And regulator
ENDO air tank
Twin compressors

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Made quite some progress there I see, very nice!
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Trying to get it together .

finally bolted the flares to the car vs the screws . Flares are down to the final details on fitment on back sides after bolt up has changed a few things . These flares will be the death of me lol

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look forward to see those complete and all painted up!
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