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Hey Guys,

New to the forum. My name is Luke and im 24. Had the car for about 5 months and love it. Plans are to go big in the future, but i know that's what we all wish for. For now this is the run down of the current stuff and questions for what to do next...

Current Stufffff

08 wrx dgm, bought with, bottom front and rear underspoilers, sports grill, fog lights, and ipod jackk.


-Perrin CAI... wanted to hear the turbo spool...went with it cause perrin says it is safe to run without a tune, even though they do admit it leans the car out by 1 point according to their website

-To compliment the intake i made a side exit exhaust... took the pipe that goes from cat back to resonator cut it at the resanator so at anytime it can be welded back and look like stock, added a nice 60 degree bend with a pipe and made a hanger that went into the towing hook i would say it is....i have a video and you guys could see it on pics......JUST PLEASE someone tell me the easiest way to post pics so they show in the posts.....Unfortunately its off to get the recall done.

-Painted the chrome piece in the back a flat black, threw on a nice tint, and Veiled the head and tail lights out fog lights and rear corners...For those of you not familiar with Veil its an anti laser coating..paired with a Valentine you should never get caught by laser radar guns.

-Got a Valentine 1...and garmin nuvi for electronics....and thats it for now.

Coming In The Mail...

-Ordered some Rally Armour urathane mudflaps for the winter as i see that the paint supposedly stinks on these bad boys. Some all season floor mats and fog light covers are on the way for the New England winter.

-Also will be debadging the front sport grill. Taking the STI logo of and the Subi logo off and got the WRX logo from the 09 toput on because it really looks sharp in my opinion.

-Also wanna paint the wheels black to complete the look. Heard the Duplicolor Wheel paint was good...any experiances in the north east with that?

Plans For After Doing The Recall

-I want to go with a Perrin stealth cat back and a custom tune from a local tuner that i know....Tune will cost $400 for 3 hours of dyno and tune time at facility...this would make the tune for the intake and catback. Out of all the options out there AP etc etc a retune for stage 2 will cost me only 200 so personnaly think its best way to go.

So thats me in a nut shell and the last 4 months of having my car. Let me know how to post pics and ill throw some up. Please also share your thoughts on what i should do for stage 1 and any comments on those running the Perrin cat back on the hatch would be nice.

So thanks for all the knowledge so far...going from my 2000 altima this will be a nice change for me...

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