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I have a completely stock 2008 WRX Sedan. The other day I lost my fuel cap. I replaced it but it did throw the Evap code associated with driving without a cap. Barrowed an OBD scanner and cleared the code. THIS IS WHERE IT GET INTERESTING... The first start after clearing the code it took a while to start (around 5 seconds realistically). On my way home after this prolonged start I got stuck in some stop and go traffic and noticed that whenever I stopped after inching my way along in traffic the RPM's would drop all the way down to about 200-300 and then return to regular idle (650-700 RPM's).
Once I got home I started testing some stuff out. It started up just fine every proceeding start (cold and hot start). The RPM's would only dip low if coming to a stop while in gear. If I took it out of gear before the RPM's got to regular idle it would not dip (it would also not dip if just revving while stationary). Today I disconnected the battery and left it disconnected for ~5-6hrs, the initial start was another prolonged start and the problem prosisted. It does this in 1st and reverse only if the shifter is left in gear whilst the clutch is pressed. It has not completely stalled but it is close and the running lights go out when the RPM's dip (and come back on when idle returns to normal).
Any ideas on culprits or diagnostics would be very helpful. I have searched via Google for any similar topics and have not found any helpful.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.- if this is posted in the wrong place please feel free to move it.

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