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I have a 2002 Impreza, AWD non-turbo getting a P0038. (heater circuit high Bank one sensor 2.) The O2 sensor was bad, replaced with new one that had to wire in the connector. The solder joint failed in one of the heater wires, hence the P0038. Pulled the sensor, found the bad wiring, re-soldered and made sure it was a good joint, tested the resistance on the sensor and it was 3.2 Ohms, seemed low to me, I have extra sensors on the shelf so tested one of those and it reads 5.3. that seems better to me, so took out the old new one, and put in another new one. Same issue.
Tested the sensor socket with incandescent tail light bulb wired into to connector, no light, no voltage. Reset the ECM as I'm not sure if it reads a fault in that circuit it will cut power to it, still no power. I'm guessing something fried when that wire broke loose. All was well before that. I tried tracing the bundle from the O2 sensor up, but loose it in a ton of wires in the bundle.
Does anyone know where the hot lead from the sensor is on top of the block? I am hoping to splice in a new wire from the ECM, but I don't know Subaru's at all and not sure where to find it. I was hoping it popped a fuse or relay, but tested all I can find and all test good.
Thanks for reading.
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