Driven 145,134 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Grey
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

I’ve done some light mods to make it more of a driver's car
Tein struts
Tein s tech springs
White Line 24mm adjustable sway bars front and rear
White Line roll center kit
White Line billet aluminum end links
aluminum front control arms
IAG street series trans, engine, and pitch stop mounts
Grimm Speed ebcs
Cobb catted downpipe
HKS carbon-ti Catback
Injen cold air intake
Tuned by Bren Tuning. The car made 260 whp and 319 ft-lbs of torque
The car runs great, comes with a Cobb AP. The car has some rattles that you expect with a mostly plastic interior from 2006
All fluids have been changed 3000 miles ago AT 142,000 (diffs, trans, engine oil, and coolant).
I always use Motul 5w40 8100 xcess every 3000 miles.
O2 sensors, air filter, spark plugs, and MAF were replaced when it was tuned 3000 miles ago at 142,000.
I have 2 sets of wheels for the car, winters pictured on the car, Bridgestone Blizzaks on no-name wheels. Summers are Sparco wheels with Bridgestone Potenza s04 pole position tires.