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2006 WRX oil pressure + oil temp install issues

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Hi all, I am new to this forum and was hoping to get some advice.

I purchased prosport oil pressure and oil temp gauges for my hawkeye (non sti) but I am concerned about two issues:

1) I've noticed that there are clearance issues when it comes to oil sandwich plates on hawkeyes, which I saw for myself in that there is some kind of piping just next to the oil filter which won't allow for the plate to fit in.
2) And I have EL headers on my wrx which sits about 3cm under the oil filter, hence not allowing enough clearance under the oil filter to add the sandwich plate in

I was wondering if anyone else with hawkeyes had similar issues when setting up their oil gauges and what alternatives you guys recommend / what else I should purchase instead of the sandwich plate to fit the temp and pressure sensors in ?

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