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I bought a 2007 wrx about 9 months ago was running perfect got it at 196k it's now at 211k. The first problem I have is the steering is really stiff when starting the car first time in the morning or if it's been sitting for a while,
it like it doesn't have any power steering fluid but once I get going it starts working fine all day.

Second problem that has started is it bogging in second and third, where is was giving full power when I got it. it's like its struggling when I put my foot down. This only started recently, .

Third problems is it wasn't starting at all because the anti theft has gone haywire in the car, I will mention I did change the starter motor in it thinking that was the problem why it wouldn't start.
which is wasn't cause have had the problem happen a few times still but not as much since I started starting the car in first gear with the clutch in.

If anyone could help me figure out what would be causing these issues would be a life saver
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