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New to the site, soon to be the new owner of a 2008 WRX sedan. Already looked at the car and put a couple hundred down for the dealership to hold it for me, waiting to get my down payment next week. Basically looking for advice or things to look out for since I still have a chance before I sign anything. Car has 102,000 miles, no rust and only a few minor scratches (southern MN) rims need repainted and a few cosmetic things but everything seemed good when I looked at it and took it on a test drive. I know the WRX got a little soft in 2008 but I'm fine with that, I don't plan on doing too much modifications to it if any, the engine and exhaust are all still stock which is a huge plus for me knowing it probably wasn't beat on too bad. it is the "tuned by spt" with the spt exhaust. Please any input is appreciated.
Thanks so much.
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