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We just bought a 2009 WRX wagon which had a suspected valve cover leak. I had that repaired by a local shop and on the way home from the shop I have smoke from the engine bay on the passenger side near the turbo. Overall I had a terrible experience with this shop and I don't wont to go back - I will just write off the sunk cost and start with a new mechanic, but I'd like some advice from the experts:

  • i dont have any WRX or turbo experience. If the turbo has an issue will it commonly burn oil on the outside and cause smoke?
  • i think the engine was overfilled with oil by 0.5 Qt. Can that cause overflow anywhere that can lead to smoke?
  • I also had a compression test performed:
    • 160, 160, 170, 160.
and finally, if anyone can recommend a great WRX mechanic in San Diego, it's much appreciated.
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