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Alright guys so on March 7th my 2009 WRX decided to spin a rod bearing.

I got the car ready and took it to the dealer a couple weeks after that (Once I had time to take it back to stock), after they tore the motor down and diagnosed the problem they sent it in to SOA's warranty department since the car only had approximately 48,500 miles.

Subaru denied my warranty claim saying that the problem could only be caused by running low on oil or running dirty oil, which in my car neither were the case, the oil was changed prior to me picking up, and I had only owned the car for about 3100 miles. They told me in order for it to be covered I had to obtain maintnence records for the vehicle. I spent hours on the phone and finally tracked down ONE record from 4000 miles ago, SOA then proceeded to tell me I must have records for the LIFE of the vehicle. Which is impossible considering legally I can't even obtain the previous owners name. I had a lawyer involved but since I purchased the car in KY he was not able to help me as he needed a liscense to operate in KY which he doesn't have. I called a few KY lawyers but none of them would take my case.

So now here I am, fixing the car myself.

I ordered a brand new WRX shortblock from flat iron tuning, got all the new belts I need, and a few upgrades ready to go on the car, however while I know i'm going to be using Rotella T6 after I break the motor in, I need to know what oil to use as a "Break in oil"? I've always heard just to run a conventional oil for break in, but as touchy as this car seems to be I just want to make sure. I appreciate the help in advance!
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