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Hello, I'm fairly confident my Turbo is failing after 175k on the ODO. Its running rich, with engine sensors triggered and loss of power etc. On top of this the Clutch is also nearing the end of its life.

I have a 2010 WRX hatchback with the following mods:

Modifications: Mechanical:
STI Invidia Q300 Cat back Exhaust Titanium Tip STI Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate
COBB Tuning Turbo Heatshield
AEM Cold Air Intake
HKS Turbo Timer
HKS Super SQV4 Blow Off Valve

BC Racing Coilover Kit BR-RA
SuperPro Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Front Bush Kit SPF3091K
SuperPro Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear bush Kit SPF5110K
Super Pro Front 22mm HD Adjustable Swaybar RC0011FZ-22
SuperPro Front Adjustable swaybar Link 10mm TRC1035
SuperPro Rear 22mm HD Adjustable swaybar RC0013RZ-22
SuperPro Rear Swaybar Mount Brace Kit TRC1005
SuperPro Rear Swaybar End Link and Bush Kit SPF3915K
SuperPro Rear Control Arm TRC0015
SuperPro Rear Adjustable Toe Arm TRC0015

WRX STI spoiler
WRX CS Style Kit
Hella Supertone Horn Hit Pair
Pioneer Head unit AMP
Wedssport wheels

Recent work on the car:
new radiator
new Diff
all the suspension upgrades
timing belt

I had it tuned nearly 10 years ago at 198kw at the wheels. No doubt she's underperforming a fair bit from those days. End of the day, the car isn't getting any track time. its more just going to be a weekender once my new car arrives.

I have a couple of questions I'd appreciate some opinions on:

Option 1: replace the stock turbo with a matching an OEM VF52 turbo. ($2.3k)

Option 2: replace turbo with a Garrett GTX2867R or GTX3071R. Eitherway, I'd imagine I'd also need to do the TMIC, the fuel pump, and injectors. Retune the car. ($5-6k)

Question 1: If I replace the VF52 with a new VF52(or reconditioned) do I have to retune the car?

Question 2: I'm concerned i'll damage the engine by adding any additional power to an engine with 175k. should I avoid option 2 for this reason if I don't plan on doing a rebuild?

Question 3: what size injectors should I consider if I do Option 2?

Question 4: are there any other modifications that SHOULD be done if I'm doing option 2?

Question 5: Any recommendations on clutches with the described power output between 190-250kw at the wheels?

Thank you

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The VF52 is good for around 300 HP, I would not go bigger with a high mileage engine. You can get a stage 2 block, upgrade the fuel system to 1030 cc injectors with a TD06 20G, and shoot for over 400 HP with more parts and proper tuning. A stock clutch is good for 300 HP no problem. If you go with option 2 seriously consider an FMIC and better clutch.
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