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I have a 2021 WRX Premium CVT with Eyesight that I got used with about 3100 miles. It had an aftermarket axle back exhaust (muffler delete) that I replaced with OEM and I believe it to be lowered (the gap around the tires is not even, it is smaller at the top and it rides very stiffly) and I want to return it to OEM). I found a used set of struts and springs from a 2019 6MT, but the part numbers differ from what I find for my car on the Subaru Parts sites. The last numbers on the ones listed from my car are 220 and 230 and show they fit a 2019 6MT, but when I look up 400 and 410 (which are the struts in question) show they fit 2019 and 2020 CVT w/ EyeSight, but not a 2021.

Anyone have any idea what the differences are or are they just a superseded part?

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