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Does your little town, small city or large metropolis have lots of 08 WRX or 08 Impreza zipping around town? Do they appear lost with no community to back them up?

Well, do you think you have the ability to unite them? Or do you just feel that your little town needs a dedicated sub-forum to cater to the organising of events in your home town? Or even, do you think you need to have a small market place for your town for the trading of 08 WRX and 08 Impreza parts?

Yes we already do cater to some regions. However, you might want to pin point your town or city?

Well, hit me with a PM or simply send a feedback in the feedback forum. We'll most likely respond by creating a dedicated sub-forum for your 08 WRX club needs, and make you leader of your Sub Club!! :)
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