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General Rules

1. Content
a. No racist, impolite, illegal or chocking content will be accepted
b. Make sure your text is readable, do not write in uppercases only or use excessive amount of smiley, repetition or abbreviations.
c. Use a correct language, non SMS style messages.
d. Please read back your texts before posting for any typing grammatical or orthographic errors.
e. Forums used for unauthorized advertising or spamming is prohibited.
f. Do not post only short replies, no “cool” or “me too” posts.

2. Behaviour and Ethics
a. In case of any conflict between two or more members, disputes should be solved by private messages, emails and chats or any other means other then in the public forum itself as it is intended for user to share information, not disputes.
b. As a community, members are bound to respect each other and the community itself. Any comments intended only to attack someone or the car will not be tolerated.

3. Subjects, messages, forums
a. Do not create a thread twice in one or more different sections same goes for posts. Do not reply the same thing over and over again.
b. Read sections descriptions and try to create your thread in the most appropriate section. Before creating a thread try the search button to make sure no other thread on that subject already exists.
c. You have to be patient, sometimes answers can take hours or days to come. Do not bump threads more than once every three or four days. Make sure you are as precise as possible with your questions and include as many details associated with your problem as possible you’ll get answers faster that way. Generally, it takes 24 hours for questions to be answered as members generally log in every 24hrs.
d. When creating a question thread be sure to name it as usefully as possible, it is pointless to put urgent or help me as a thread name as it won’t get you an answer faster. As for posts do not write in uppercases in your thread names.

4. Avatars
a. Images used as avatars must not be bigger than(to be determined) and weight more than (to be determined). Animated avatars are accepted as long as it respects the avatar format. (acceptation of an avatar is left to moderators and administrators)
b. It is preferable not to use the same avatar as another member.
c. The same respect and racism rules applied on posts are applicable on avatars.

5. Signatures
a. Images used as signatures must not be bigger than(to be determined) and weight more than (to be determined). Animated signatures are accepted as long as it respects the signature format. (acceptation of a signature is left to moderators and administrators)
b. Try to keep you signature as short as possible do not exceed (to be determined) lines.
c. The forum ethics rules applies also on signatures

Any members, Moderators or Administrators must respects the forum rules. Any disrespect to these rules will meet post or thread deletion, avatar or signature replacement or deletion or any sanction seen fit by the administration.

Rules subject to modifications without notice

Thanks for your comprehension and happyposting!

Sincerely Team
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