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Just wondering what everyones option is on all the different styles of air intakes, have any of you tired these and/or bought an aftermarket air intake the swapped it with another any why?
Looking into getting one but wondering like what would be the "best" if there is any.
Differences being, looking at the afe stage 2 air intake vs big cobb sf intake vs grimmspeed vs Perrin.
Like grimmspeed and perrin look fairly similar with an airbox or heat shield.
The cobb, had too way more parts to install with the 3" aluminum tubing, a custom aluminum airbox.
Then the afe stage 2 has the Roto-Molded Red Intake Scoop.

Where i get lost, is there much difference in them? I know the cobb alot of people get cus you get your tuner plus that in a package and since cobb makes the tuner its got the off the self tune that is made for that specific intake.

Asked this same question on local facebook group and got cobb is best, or grimmspeed is best... like why is it best?
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