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Hello I was just wondering if you guys would help me purchasing my first WRX. I have about 9k cash and would like to someday rebuild the engine someday. I love these years the most. How much does it normally cost for everything to rebuild an engine including labor?

Before buying any of these I will go to a mechanic to check it out

The one I'm interested in is the 2004 wrx black one, with 195k miles. The guy doesn't know if it's engine was rebuilt

The next would be the 2005 wrx, 180k miles and no other information

The black one for $9500 with 103k miles

And lastly the bugeye wrx, with a rebuilt engine.he might be willing to go down to something affordable.

What would you guys suggest? I don't mind spending another 5-7k down the road to rebuild it.

Or would you guys suggest going the dealership and just buying a 06 wrx with 73k miles for $14800 ish?

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