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If you're looking for cost effective high performance rotors, this is the place. APM Racing has created a line of one piece and two piece J-hook rotors for Subaru applications, and we're proud to bring them to 3GWRX. We've been testing these rotors with CL RC6 brake pads for six months and they have proven themselves to stand up to the most demanding conditions with ease.

Please PM us for package deals - we have special pricing available if you purchase a set of pads and rotors together.

One Piece Rotors"]Click here to order: '02-'11 WRX 5x100 Front Rotor[/URL] - $99 per rotor."]Click here to order: '04-'11 STI 5x114.3 Front Rotor[/URL] - $125.99 per rotor.

APM's one piece rotors feature their distinctive J-hook technology on the rotor face, along with curved internal vanes for improved cooling. In addition, APM Racing has developed special cooling inlets on the outside face of the rotor to help keep temperatures down. These pull air from outside the wheel well and draw it in to the rotor vanes, instead of pulling from the inside of the wheel well where hot air collects. APM's test data suggests a 25%+ improvement in cooling over the stock Brembo rotors on an STI!

Two Piece Rotors"]Click here to order: '04-'11 STI 5x114.3 Front Rotor[/URL] - $249.97 per rotor. That's $499.95 for both left and right rotors!

If you want the ultimate in performance for your STI's brakes, look no further than these two piece rotors. APM Racing's two piece rotors use a T6061 forged aluminum hat with Dacromet coating, alloy steel drive pins and locking washers, and iron rotor rings. The rotors come standard with APM's J-hook design and curved internal vanes. Each rotor is only 18.4 pounds, compared to a stock STI one piece rotor at 21.5 pounds. Best of all, the rings and fasteners are easily replaced, so if you wear out a set of rotor rings, buy the rebuild kit and you're back in business.

Two Piece Rotor Rebuild Kit"]Click here to order: '04-'11 STI Front Rotor Ring and Hardware[/URL] - $150.85 per side.

Replacing the APM two piece rotor rings is simple and cost effective. The rebuild kit for each two piece rotor includes the rotor ring and brand new alloy steel drive pins and locking washers.

Brake Pads"]

We also stock brake pads from EBC and CL Brakes - match up these pads to your new rotors for the best braking performance. We advise our customers about brake pads depending on their driving style and what they do with their cars. Here is what we recommend:

Regular street driving: EBC Redstuff is a great setup for the street. They have good bite at cold temperature and solid stopping power with low dust.

Aggressive street driving or mild track days: EBC Yellowstuff or CL RC5+ compounds will meet your performance demands. The EBC Yellows are higher friction than the Reds at all temperatures, and make a great pad for the canyons or the track. The CL RC5+ compound is a sintered pad that does not need bedding in, and provides excellent cold bite and minimal fade at high temperatures.

Ultimate, all out braking performance: CL RC6 or RC8 pads are the way to go when you need the best stopping power possible. Their friction level is nothing short of incredible even at cold temperatures, and CL's pad material resists fade up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no pad transfer layer or bed in process required with these pads, and given their friction level they are relatively gentle on rotors too."]

EBC Brake Pad Applications[/URL]"]

CL Brakes Pad Applications[/URL]

For questions, please send us a PM. You can order from our website, or by sending us a PM. All prices quoted do not include shipping or tax where relevant.
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